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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Therapist Spotlight: Magda

Magda is another Occupational Therapist at the same therapy center as Jessica. She's seen Little Bird over the years here and there. Plus, she's seen Shay for years and if you get Lisa (my bff) started on how much they love Magda, she'll never shut up. It's true.

A couple months ago, Little Bird started doing craniosacral therapy with Magda, who is an expert in this field, though she's so modest that she'd deny that. It's pretty amazing how I can walk into a session with Magda and say "Little Bird hasn't pooped in two days, please work your magic" and she'll put her hands on LB's tummy and within minutes of getting home, the poop is out. She's awesome. Recently, LB started seeing Magda for Neuro-Developmental Therapy in OT. Magda is committed to being tough since LB loves to have fun and knows she can turn most therapists into pushovers with her cute little smile and charming attitude. Sometimes I see Magda be stern and then have to look away so the bird doesn't see her smile. In their sessions, they have a lot of fun, but man, Magda makes her work an obstacle course!!

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