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Thursday, March 10, 2011


We met in an Early On/Early Intervention program. There were about 6 moms there with their kids who were all a little "broken" as my friend Tulpen would say. L and I immediately sized each other up enough to know we were going to be the only ones either of us would have anything in common with. You know, apart from the broken kids. Hers was medical. Mine, well, you know.

We bonded almost immediately and shared a special connection not unlike a lot of moms of kids with special needs, we had all the same feelings: we didn't sign up for this, never expected this, didn't know if we could really do this. Slowly but surely, we just did it. One foot in front of the other and before we knew it, we were doing it. She did what I'll always be afraid to do; had another baby. The beautiful and perfect baby that I love and have treated as though she were my own. The baby was about 9 months old when L's husband left. She didn't sign up for this, never expected this, didn't know if she could really do this. She could. She does.

Her girls are now 7 and almost 4. She's divorced. She had to start making a lot of decisions on her own. A few years ago she had to make a new will. That's when it happened: she left me speechless when she asked me if I'd care for her children if, g-d forbid, anything ever happened to her. Speechless. Until a little sound came from me, "yes". Yes, of course. I love those girls as if they were my own.

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