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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Light It Up Blue 2011

Whoa!! It's been a year since last year's Autism Awareness Day?!?! Wow, that went by quickly!! Well, here we are again. Still trying hard to raise awareness about Autism, raise funding for research, and to raise the bar for our kids.

In 2007 the CDC reported that Autism affected 1 in 150 babies. Just 4 years later, that number is at 1 in 110. 1 in 70 boys. Still, we have no answers. But we have hope. 

On the evenings of April 1st and 2nd this year, people all across the country will "shine a light" on Autism by replacing the light bulbs outside their homes with these blue ones. I actually didn't even know about this until my good friend and neighbor, Jen, gave me these bulbs yesterday. 

I have 2 extras if you want one for your home. 

On Saturday the 2nd, please wear blue to show your support for Autism Awareness. You can email me pictures of you showing off your BLUE {dggotb(at)gmail(dot)com} and I'll post the pics here. Take a look at all my friends and family who wore BLUE last year!!

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