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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Goodbye. Hello.

Hello Goodbye.
I heard it in a song.
Hello Goodbye,
nothing lasts for long.

We sit, love in our hearts,
among strangers and friends,
as one life starts,
and one life ends.

A tradition, a rite.
Stories are told.
We read and recite
our prayers of old.

We celebrate a life
through laughter and tears.
A mother, a wife.
A friend for years.

To leave, I turn
an object of beauty;
low candles burn
goodbye, sweet Judy.

Later, a day or two,
this time, tears of joy,
sweet nothings, a coo;
we welcome a boy.

And so life carries on;
Beyond and above.
He is here, she is gone.
We live. laugh. love.

A life begins anew.
The cycle's in motion.
Baby Aden, we welcome you
with love and devotion.

Keep moving forward, but how?
No one really knows.
My feet firmly planted in now.
Goodbyes. Hellos.

Mama’s Losin’ It
This week's prompt:
Write a poem about hope

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