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Thursday, March 3, 2011

10 must haves for spring

Some (not all) of the snow is melting and the sun is out and I think I heard a bird chirp. Spring is coming!!
Here is my list of 10 must-haves for spring:

1) My trusted Contigo thermos with me at all times- I fill it with tons of water and a splash of lemonade. It actually encourages me to drink more water to balance the amount of vodka coffee I mainline consume.
2) The new Adele CD "21". On repeat.

3) Sanity- know where I can get some??
4) I guess world peace would be pretty cool
5) minor surgery: turns out I have something growing in me that's not technically supposed to be there. The surgeon asked me if I'm a nurse or a drug rep based on my "knowledge" of all the drugs he mentioned using for anesthesia and post-op.
6) Xanax: last year at this time, the bird went through a big, ugly, 2 month long regression. I. Will. Not. Freak. Out.
7) Tiger Blood

8) Ancestry.com (I'm totally obsessed!!)
9) Every article of clothing on ModCloth.com
10) a brand new nephew!!!
My sister Emily and my nephew due at the end of April

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This week's prompt:
10 "must haves" for spring

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