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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Snotorious B.I.G.

So yesterday was a snow day. Having grown up in Los Angeles, I'm just not used to this interesting phenomenon. Apparently, children everywhere wish and hope for these snow days, engaging in odd behavior like wearing their PJs inside out, doing something with a spoon, and other things I read on people's facebook posts, but didn't pay enough attention to. Little Bird's school doesn't close for snow. In fact, yesterday was the very first time they'd EVER closed for snow. It has now become clear to me why snow days are the bane of a parent's existence. By 10am I was over it. Gregory worked ALL day in the office with the doors closed and the bird and I got pretty sick of each other. You wouldn't know it by our extraordinarily cute pictures of the day:

Ready for snow!

 We baked a cake, she sampled the frosting.

GF/CF deliciousness

Nothing like a little snowy sensory play!

Later, we acted out scenes from Little House on the Prairie
This was technically my very first snow day, since we hadn't ever had a storm big enough to truly strand us indoors in the almost 9 years that we've lived in Michigan. I learned that snow is a lot of fun- for 10 minutes. More importantly, I figured out why people have more than one kid: to entertain each other on snow days.

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