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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Lighter Side

I thought I'd take a break from the heavy stuff and share something light and fluffy. No, I'm not talking about our friend Big Daddy Autism, I'm talking about a few random things...

1) A couple days ago I was cooking dinner and Little Bird asked me to make her a bath. "I want take a bath please." In a minute, honey, I've gotta finish making your dinner. Little miss no-patience (yeah, she takes after me) stomped up the stairs. It takes a lot for her to stomp up the stairs because she only weighs 35 pounds. Apparently I didn't move fast enough and she let me know...
This is most of the contents of my bathroom counter and the top drawer thrown into the bath.
2) Over heard in my home over the last few days:
"No licking the floor, please"
"Can you please take the bread out from under the covers?"
"No more coloring on the restaurant walls"
"The words to the song are, 'there are bones in my body' NOT 'your bone's in my body'"

3) Everyone's worked up about the HUGE (we'll see) snowstorm that's supposed to hit tonight and tomorrow. Actually, I've lived here in the midwest for almost 9 years and I've never gotten more than 8 inches (of snow, people; of snow). So I'm excited!! I love some of the names people are coming up with:
snowpacolypse, snOMG, SnoBigDeal, snOprah, etc.
If we're friends on facebook, you saw this a couple weeks ago, but it's still AWESOME!

4) I'm trying so hard to be patient, but I can't wait til Adele's new album comes out. Until then, enjoy this video...

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JennieB said...

I find myself saying "Don't Lick the _______" (car, floor, dog, etc.) all the time now. Ugh.

Ren- Lady Of The Arts said...

Cute- D-
I like this little break down of your life-
we've heard (how could you not) about the snow storm- well it's windy today but the sun is out and it's sweater weather- #youshouldmovebackwest
need to check you on Twitter- can'd do it from my phone.
But can follow back (byladyren) are you funny- you better be funny.

Ben said...

Yeah, I'm waiting on #SNOWtoriousBIG to drop too.

Big Daddy Autism said...

"Light and fluffy" was my nickname in college. Also, the nicest thing you've ever said about me.

jazzygal said...

Nice one!Love the cartoon pic. Hope you're enjoying the snow and that id doesn't outstay it's welcome ;-)

xx jazzy

Jen said...

Gotta love the stomping. They can be ALL girl sometimes.

The tub pretty much looks like Katie's room. (Hoarders for kids anyone?)

Heather said...

haha love the bones in the body one :x

we're currently waiting for the big storm- got a couple of inches today but starting tomorrow should have another foot...

Cheryl D. said...

Really? You live in Michigan and never seen more than 8 inches of snow? That's so weird! I was in Detroit once for a business trip, and we had 7 inches one day!

Very funny post! I love your sense of humor!

Cheryl said...

Thanks for introducing me to Adele! (I am totally out of the loop on all music, movies, etc., so I really do appreciate it.)
Hope you're enjoying the snow. I had to cover my cactus tonight... Does that count as winter?!

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