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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Guest Posting at Living Life with a Side of Autism

I recently had a brief cameo role over on Jen's blog called Living Life... with a Side of Autism. It's actually an update on a post I wrote last summer called Faith Through a Tissue Box. Remember that one? No? Oh, well then I'll wait here while you read it. Go ahead, read it

You had better absolutely must should have to can read my hilarious update on Jen's blog 
by clicking on this pretty flower picture 
(and then come back and comment on how much you loved it)

1 comment:

jazzygal said...

I love your Faith in a tissue Box idea! It is sometimes hard to remember the positive comments made about our children when things are tough. I remember WiiBoy's old reports as being harsh and to this day I cry when reading them. Even though things are fantastic now. yet there are some really positive comments there also that I would have done well to concentrate on at the time. So yours is a great idea.

How great is your Mum? Wow, how very thoughtful of her :-0

xx Jazzy

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