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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Don't think about it

When picking a name for my baby I considered all the important things: honoring someone special, picking something that wasnt so popular the kid would be one of 19 in a class, and considering what the bullies would come up with. I was Dani Fanny as a kid. Seriously, kids? Fanny is as all you got? Weak!!! 

So, say my bird's name was Cody, I was worried that kids would call him (Oh, did I tell you that I was convinced it was gonna be a boy so I never picked a girl's name? It's true. My bird has a boy's name. What about it?). Yeah, I was afraid they'd all call him "Grody Cody." I mean, "Grody" is something I was worried about? Man, I wish I could go back and have that be my biggest worry! 

Bullies... Right now, she's pretty popular. Kids call for play dates and don't mind that she doesn't really play with them- or play at all, really. She's sweet and kids like her. 
She's really cute, too. She has hip clothes (Lynn thinks it's all about her skinny jeans), and comes from super hip parents (or at least one). I've witnessed fights over who gets to sit with her at school, hold her hand on the way to the playground, etc. 

After taking a cue from the book Overcoming Autism, I've always believed in doing what we can to help her blend in: iPods, skateboarding lessons, cool clothes, etc. We will help her minimize the differences that kids see and look for. I always assumed that this trend of Little Bird being the freaking rawk stah that she is would continue. But last week I met with my friend F who's got a little guy with stuff said that her 10 year old was totally popular, play dates, the whole 9 yards at that age and then, the calls stopped. Not as many invitations, calls, etc. This has never crossed my mind. But, I know it could happen. 

Let's add this to the list of things I don't want to have to think about right now. Like swimsuit shopping and car insurance and the amount of calories in a small blizzard (chocolate with heath bar) from Dairy Queen.

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