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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Balance. Or at least not tipping over.

We are so often defined by our circumstances or the experiences we've endured. If not by ourselves, then by others. I know that to so many people I am the mom to a kid with autism. 

It's easy for people to judge based on the little things they might find out right away. Before people have known that I'm Little Bird's mom, I've been the girl from LA., the girl with pink hair, the overly active volunteer, the girl at the gym, etc. And I am all those things, but I'm also very much the mommy of a kid with Autism. It's so much of what my life is. I read and research new things, I surround myself with others in the same boat to compare notes and share and exchange support. 

Another interesting balance is the one between acceptance and taking action. I've come to accept (mostly) that this is where I am: LB has Autism and is who she is. I continue to go through the grieving process for the dreams and hopes I'd once had for my experience of motherhood; I know that LB will never be a "normie". Still, I do not sit back idly and allow her disability to take over. I help her (and me) by getting tons of therapies, supplements to get her system working and firing at it's best potential. I find ways to help her to become a better person, giving her skills she will need to live up to her true potential. I'm not trying to cure her, but I'd be a big fat liar if I said I wasn't trying to make her better. Better, not cured. 

I don't want to be defined by this experience since it's not always a good time. But, I'm immensely proud of this gorgeous smart funny little girl and its an absolute pleasure to be known as Little Bird's mommy. Still, a little pink hair now and then never hurt anyone!

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Finding the balance. How do you manage?

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