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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

You think I'm pretty cool, right?

Maybe I'm just bored or maybe my ego needs a little stroking. I finally added my blog to the list of top mommy blogs. Now you can vote for me. Every day, if you want to :)
It's very easy. Just click on the little "vote for us" picture here. That's it. 
Really, that's it. 

Of course, I think you should "vote" every day by just clicking that little button over there <----- (on the left side of this here fantastic blog). Don't go overboard- only one vote per day per person will count. 

Each time you click (and tell all your friends to do the same) an angel will get her wings. 

Click on this picture to prove your love


Ren- Lady Of The Arts said...

Each of the links you have take me to the main homepage and not your blog- I'll vote for you if you make it easier.

jillsmo said...

I don't know.... you're cool and all... but are you click-worthy? Maybe...

Dani G said...

Thanks, ren!! That's what's supposed to happen;)

Jean said...

Done! (hope I did it right) XXX

Jessica said...

Glad you are in the running too, maybe you and I can get to the top 10 and keep Jill company.

Cheryl D. said...

Will click! I haven't given too many angels their wings though. Boy, are they pissed at me!

Life with Kaishon said...

Laughing my head off about the angels getting wings. How clever are you? : )

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