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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Update on my first post

A few weeks or so ago I reposted my first public post in a bit of a blog hop where we revisit old posts (The Blog Gems). There were a few comments asking if and how things had changed since then. Well, I wrote that 2 years ago, so thank g-d, yes, things have changed. Little Bird has made some tremendous progress since then. There's a really really really long way to go, and some areas haven't moved much at all- I'm talking to you, fine motor. Still, we do continue this trend of very slow and steady progress, followed by a static period, regression, and then a leap forward. Rinse and repeat.

I love the way Dr. Norm Doidge puts it in his book about neuroplasticity: The Brain That Changes Itself
Learning plateaus are a temporary part of the plasticity-based learning cycle in which stages of learning are followed by periods of consolidation. Though there's no apparent progress in the consolidation stage, biological changes are happening internally, as new skills become more automatic and refined.

Too bad knowing something intellectually and emotionally have nothing to do with each other for me. Every regression sucks just as much as the last (and probably the next), but she does seem to pull through- this does not mean that I stay positive and/or "know" she'll be back. Nope, I freak out every single time. There are many tears (mine), fits of anxiety (mine) and probably gastro issues (both hers and mine).

When she makes progress, I am blown away at her abilities. In fact, most days I'm blown away that she can do half the stuff she can do with what she's working with (the lowest tone in town). She is so freaking awesome. I think I'll keep her.

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Piscesgirl said...

<3 Wonderful post! xoxo~Darla

Cheryl D. said...

Great, insightful post. I feel very much the same way with my daughter!

Ashley said...

Very, very true. Can't they just come up with a pill that creates that emotional/intellectual connection. That could really help me out a lot. But then, I guess a lot of therapists would be out of a job. Anyone have the number of a good one, by the way? =)

JennieB said...

Moe is still so young, but we see this pattern as well. It's jsut so hard to remember the leaps during the plateaus. And the leaps never seem to be quite as big as we hope. But they'll get there.

LB is such a gorgeous girl!

Chris P-M said...

I so hear you on the regression thing. Drives me crazy. There are days when my son feels really "normal" and I wonder what I have worried about. Then we go through days like today when he can't put two words together.

LB seems to have come SO far!

Kristine said...

Katie definitely cycles the same way. Lately it's been 4 weeks "off" and 1 week "on"...why can't it be the other way around!

I seem to have a serious memory deficit as well when it comes to remembering that things always turn around.

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