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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Special Needs Blog Hop: 5 New Year Goals

The Special Needs Blog Hop's topic for the week?? 
List 5 goals you hope to accomplish in the New Year

1. To not be overwhelmed by the New Deal, and making the seventy trillion new supplements I'm giving Little Bird just a part of my routine.

2. To make more time for ME. Doing little things for me that have been really easy for me to put off, or deny altogether.

3. To connect with my husband a little bit better.

4. To focus on what's really important and letting go of the things that aren't as important as they seem.

5. To find some real help so I can let my husband take me to Paris for our 10th wedding anniversary (like he really really really wants to) instead of saying "but who will take care of Little Bird and be able to give her all her supplements?"

What are yours?


Stacie said...

I hope you get to Paris. I would love to see Paris. I love the taking care of ME goal. I think we forget to do that a lot. Thanks for joining us in the blog hop.

Jean said...

I love your goals, but I'm still stuck at No.5. This is one I really have to get over! XXX

Jen said...

Maybe you can borrow THE Lauren...hehe. A trip to Paris sounds wonderful...

Lauren said...

Dani G, I read your blog just about every day and you mentioned my name in your last comment on Lynn's blog so today you get a comment from me!! Lucky you!

If you lived in Chicago, I would be your girl to watch LB. I do overnights with one of my clients... on a very detailed supplement schedule. I was mixing him drinks, slipping stuff in his applesauce, and spraying something in his mouth!

I feel like I know you... I think LB would like Chicago if you want to drop her off...

Brandi said...

Awesome goals! You better be getting to Paris!! You deserve it! ;)

Lynn said...

WTF? Lauren's not going anywhere. That "other client" that she does overnights for...I gave her to them! Now I'm taking her back! Just cuz I hate my husband and don't need her for overnights doesn't mean that everybody else gets her!

Life as the mother of 4 said...

Good luck with your goals. Your goal #1 trips me up too. Sometimes I forget to give my son all his vitamins. He can swallow 8 pills on a spoonful of applesauce so I really don't have an excuse.

@jencull (jen) said...

Oh I really hope you get to do number 5, I think it would be fabulous :D Jen

shelley said...

hi dani!
Nice to meet you! I'm Shelley I am a special needs mom too! I had 2 pregnancies complicated by pre-eclampsia/toxemia and brought 2 32 weeker preemies into the world, my oldest will be 23 this year and had no complications other then her temper! lol but my younger daughter will be 19 next month and has cp, it has been a journey. When my kids were small i got frustrated at not being able to take them to play at the park, so i designed and created the first fully inclusive playground in Maryland after raising 1 million dollars to do so in 3 years... It was the first of it's kind in our state and one of the first in the country... I went on and helped many around the country... and nowww I'm writing and love meeting other families with special needs children... OK that's me in very short! lol
i found the bloghop from "baby fields" site and hopped on i love meeting other special needs families! i'm following you now and hope you will stop by and follow me!
ps I hope to get to Italy this year for my 50th birthday-wow, i'm having a hard time swallowing that 50! (not 50 yet, but this year lol)

Laura @ The Things I Said I'd Never Do said...

Oooh Paris! I hope you find the person or persons that allow you to take the trip!

Carrie said...

I love #4!! If you are given the opportunity to go on a romantic get away to Paris...you need to find a way to do it! I'm sure you have many loving caregivers for little bird...so go for it!

Anonymous said...

Hey! Just thought I’d chime in. I really enjoyed your post. Keep up the awesome effort.

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