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Monday, January 10, 2011

New Deal Update 1

"It bounces off the wall at you
when the miracle is happening"
-Stevie Nicks

There's an interesting twist to all this work I do with my bird.... you never really know what is working and what isn't. When she's making progress we wonder: is it the therapies? diet? supplements? time? Who knows? Still, we carry on and do it all. And I mean ALL.

So you know how I've posted about the New Deal and all the new supplements I'm giving her? Yes, you do. Everybody does. I know this because people who live in my community stop me in the grocery store (hi Michelle!), clothing stores (hi Fawn!), waiting area in delicious sushi restaurants (hi Suzy!), etc to ask me how the new supplements are going. I appreciated that people are interested and some even seem to genuinely care about it all. It's only been 10 days since we've begun the New Deal and here's the update:

We've started about 8 supplements so far:
Creatine, Vitamin D drops, Cal/Mag, MethylFolate, Liquid E, Enzym-complete Isogest, CoQ10, Pro EFA fish oil.

And 4 new probiotics:
ProBio Gold, Theralac, Symbion, Probiotic Complete.

For some reason, one of the ingredients in the B12 shots has been on backorder, so the compounding pharmacy (where they actually mix it all together) doesn't have it to make up yet. I'm fine with that. I'm also waiting until I get her settled on these supplements before we start the month-long course of vancomycin and nystatin.

So far, she's doing really, really well. Good focus and attention, and she seems to feel okay, too. She's happy and fun. Oh, and what's a Dani G post without a little poop talk? She was having really loose, mushy poops, so I cut the Cal/Mag in half. She's had a funny reaction to Magnesium in the past, so I kind of expected that. It's pretty typical, actually. Ha! Something is "typical" with the bird :)

Stay tuned....

You click and I smile. It's that simple.


Cheryl D. said...

That's great! I hope you continue to see great things!

Heather said...

I know what you mean about never TRULY knowing- when you have four different therapies going on and when they seem to change with something like a morning rain- it's hard to tell ;)

I'm glad it's all going well for you! Vitamin C was Brian's downfall for having an abundance of mushy BMs- we cut it out for now.

Ashley said...

This makes me want to take a new diagnosis parent's class on the available biomed options. Anyone have books to recommend?

Lynn said...

The Mag always gets Audrey too. We finally found a liquid one that she does OK with. The Cal/Mag sucked for us.

Gina @ Special Happens said...

I look forward to knowing the outcome of this!

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