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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

For Deeds

Little Bird's birthday is coming up. She'll be six. Last year around this time I was hyperventilating every time I even thought of the number five. I talked about it. A lot. Interestingly enough, I'm feeling a lot better this year. Maybe I'm just too busy, or maybe I'm sliding closer and closer into acceptance. Who knows?

This is Little Bird on her 3rd birthday

We threw her a little party in our basement that day. Some kids came over, we let them spread frosting and sprinkles on sugar cookies and eat some cake. 
Then I sent those sugared up kiddos home to their parents- suckers!!!

Please pay no attention to the knife the bird is holding
There's another little boy who turned 3 this week. His name is JD, but he goes by Deeds. He's super duper cute. He's got Autism, too. He had a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle birthday cake at his party. The night of his birthday, he was hungry and asked for macaroni and cheese. He and his dad went ahead to make it and minutes later his mommy heard a crash and a shout. Yes... the boiling water. His parents were amazing in the moment. They all ended up in the hospital and doctors began treating that sweet little birthday boy. His recovery is gonna be tough. He woke up screaming with both eyes swollen shut. Poor kiddo. Poor parents. 

Here's the thing about this little boy. JD is a wanderer. He just takes off. I know we've all had that moment where we're in a store with our kids and we turn around to find them our of our sight. Hello, blood pressure spike! Well, imagine if your kid didn't answer when you called his/her name? Or just kept on going, with no concern or fear of where he was going... I took this straight from his mommy's blog:
The biggest struggle we have with JD is wandering.  JD loves to explore, like most typical little guys.  The difference in JD is that he doesn’t care if you are around, and he will not respond to his name being called when he is wandering.  The first time I lost JD I was at a store and he was strapped safely in a stroller with his sister.  I turned around from looking at a product and he was gone.  He had figured out the buckle and I couldn’t find him for almost 30 minutes.  Everyone around was frantically screaming his name and we finally found him outside, two stores down playing in the doorway of another building.  I ran up to him calling for him the whole time and it wasn’t until I touched his arm that he turned and notice me with a simple “hi mommy.”

His family has been working hard to get an Autism Service Dog for JD, who also suffers from seizures. Despite the new journey he and his family are on to heal from these burns, they remain 110% dedicated to raising funds to get a DOG4DEEDS. 

Take a moment to think good thoughts, sending your best vibes out into the universe. Then visit their website so you can check in on Deeds now and then. You can even make a donation to help their mission. 
A Dog 4 Deeds

And how can you resist a "Thank you" like this....

You click and I smile. It's that simple. Let's do this.


frazzledmomma said...

AWESOME, babe. Just AWESOME. I love love LOVE this post. Thanks. ~Caryn

Gina @ Special Happens said...

I really like how you did this. Makes me think of the 3 year old party - bash - we had for my daughter last year. How different the outcomes are. How any moment your life, your child's life can change. Amazing parents. Strong, strong little man!

sherri said...

wow. off to donate.

dog4deeds said...

Jeremy and I are at a loss of words. Thank you so much for such a beautiful post for our little Deeds.

-Bobbie (Deeds Mommy)

Casdok said...

Hope JD will be ok.

Ashley said...

Break my heart. Hoping they get all the love, prayers, happy thoughts and cash they need! What a sweet boy.

tulpen said...

Wow. That was awesome.

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