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Sunday, December 26, 2010

A special appearance by FrazzledMomma

Ladies and Gentlemen (and all those that fall in between), I'm pleased to introduce you to a very special guest blogger today, FrazzledMomma from Living with Logan. She's pretty much a supermom- to SEVEN kids!! Yeah, I know. Here she goes...

Well how fun is this?!?! Dani asked me to guest blog and my first thought was, “ SCORE! Now I don't have to write on my blog! This will still be buckets of awesome!” And then I came off the high and started thinking about things to write for her.

As my readers know, I have absolutely NO memory skills whatsoever. I call people and tell them to set their alarms for me. I send text messages to myself. I once forgot something while I was walking from one room to another to get my planner to write it down so I wouldn't forget. I do have a point... stick with me here.

One of the many reasons I really love reading this blog is because of the 30 day project that is going on now. I am in awe. I would totally not be able to stick to that. I know that
something catastrophic would happen, and three weeks after the original 30 days ended, I would post my blog entitled “30 day project, day 3”.

Here's another reason I love this blog: Special needs mommyhood... done honestly. I love knowing that I can come here and read because this is real life!  I have seven monsters, for crying out loud. My youngest are 2-1/2 year old twin boys. One of my twins has autism, among other things.  I'm doing good to get a shower more than twice a week!

So. Here's my reason for being here: Dani wanted little blog break, she deserves a break, and Little Bird deserves to have extra time with her Momma. There ya go. Y'all are stuck with the nutty, memory challenged mother of seven today.

As a consolation prize for the change in programming today, I  have a funny story for you. For Christmas this year, Santa brought the twinnie monsterlettes a bunch of stuff from Melissa and Doug, like those completely awesome magnetic fishing puzzles.  As soon as the twinnies went down for their morning nap, because Christmas happened at 6am here, my teenagers started fighting over the puzzles, the easel, the piano.  No matter that we had spent hundreds of dollars on personal DVD players, new mattresses, cash gifts, and stocking stuffers. They liked the toddler toys. This is my life ...


Jen said...

BAHAHA...that is ME doing the 30 day project and being on like day 6 after a month...but Katie did have her tonsils out...that's my excuse...and I am just so not that good!

Big Daddy Autism said...

My boy still, at 13, prefers the packaging over anything we buy him. So we no longer go over board with the gifts for him although, this year we got him a video camera so he can film himself riding elevators.

Tammy said...

Kids of all ages love to play with toys. Even us big kids.

Lynn said...

Only Dani G would choose a guest blogger with 7 children to give HER a break. Nicely done.

Great job FrazzledMama...I hope you survived the holiday!

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