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Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Rhinebeck Chronicles pt3

My View
We started out with a pretty awesome breakfast. In shifts. Little Bird wasn't in a good place to join the other people at the inn. So Greg ate first while LB and I enjoyed an episode of Cat in the Hat. We all wandered into town (past the stop light) and hit up a little diner for LB's lunch. 
Olde Rhinebeck Inn

Since the library didn't open til 1, we had to visit the village toy store. Very cute. Very expensive. We spent a full hour at the library. Books! Books! Books!
By the time we made it to a little bistro for Greg and I to eat something, LB was hyper and stimmy. I was impatient, pissed, and she could tell. Tears. Hugs and iPod to the rescue. 

In the center of town

Ridiculous pizza with goat cheese, fig spread, pear, arugula, and truffle oil.

Next up: back to Samuel's (owned by my new best friend Ira) for some coffee that really was, as Ira said, the best in town. As we sat with Ira and enjoyed that cup of coffee, he told us about Dr Bock's great reputation as well as the great local school here in the area for kids with ASD. Then he called over to a woman buying chocolates in the shop, who came over to tell us about the school. She not only has a kid with special needs, but also works in the field. This school is apparently so fabulous, that she suggested we go have a look tomorrow after the appointment. Before she left, she gave me names and numbers to call. I am often struck by the openness and willingness of people to share resources with no other goal than to help a stranger. 

Ira will ship some delicious treats all over the country. Go look at how yummy this stuff is: 
Samuel's of Rhinebeck Tell him I sent you. We ARE best friends now after all. 


Heather said...

how cool that the town all seems to know about Dr. Bock- it's like a little mecca for families with autism :)

Can't wait to hear how tomorrow goes!

Bubbe said...

Good luck!! Hope Dr. Bock's spectacular.

Kathy said...

I'm anxioux to hear about your appointment. Good luck!

Cheryl D. said...

Wow, any plans to relocate there? It sounds like a great place!

Lynn said...

OK, we talked to no one in that town when we were there. Who are you my mother?

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