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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Just Because

My Little Bird is super svelte. Not emaciated or anything, but really skinny. She's tall, too. That, she most certainly does NOT get from me. Greg is 6'3" and I'm 5'1" (ish). She'll be towering over me in a couple years, for sure. This is funny and cute, but I have recently wondered, "how am I ever going to lift her in and out of my big bath tub? how will I be able to put her clothes on her? (that's right, normy parents, she can not dress herself) how will I handle the meltdown tantrums when I can no longer pick her up off the floor and carry her away? Hopefully, Dr. Jason (chiropractor extraordinaire) will still be working on my back then!

But I digress... 

My point is she's tall and skinny

But she didn't start out this way. No one ever believes me that she was once a fatty fatterstein. I swear! Take a look at this baby...

Well, you'd get super skinny, too, if your mommy stopped letting you eat anything gluten or casein!!


jillsmo said...

Oh, those pudgy arms.... SO ADORABLE

Lynn said...

HA...the Michelin Baby! It's hard to believe that she was ever that chubby. Fat, skinny...she's gorgeous either way.

Jen said...

I love that last pic.

Katie just started dressing herself this year (still needs helps sometimes and can't do socks to save her life), and she is WAY too big for me to physically control, which is an issue. I can't just pick her up and leave when she throws down in public...ugh. She's 50 or 51 in and like 60lbs...not so svelte...hehe. She has those German genes.

Heather said...

lol love the chubby baby pics :)

I, too, worry about those things though....Brian is a solid little boy and I sometimes struggle now with picking him up...I have no idea what will happen in a few years...

Piscesgirl said...

haha, I love the chubbo pics! She is growing up to a sweet little lady. I already have problems hoisting Rory up off the floor in mid meltdown. I think it is why I am a homebody now.
But look at all LB HAS mastered. She will get it,you have given her all the tools and resouces,now just keep it going and she will amaze you as she always does! :)

tulpen said...

Owen was so fat with all the food we were putting down his tube. Too many calories. And ZERO activity. He was lump til he was 18months old.


Super tall and skinny.

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