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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

30 day project: day 25

Day 25 of the 30 day project: A picture of you from last year and how you've changed since then

These are all of me messing around after one of Little Bird's gymnastics classes last year. I have definitely taken more time for ME in the last year. Even if it's just little things like going to Target by myself, or downloading more music and giving myself the chance to listen to it, or meeting a friend for a cup of coffee or tea (usually coffee!).


Crystal Jigsaw said...

Fantastic pictures. I so wish I was that supple, I'm just too old now!

CJ xx
p.s. found you via Bloggy Moms

tulpen said...

Love these pics. And can't believe you can contort yourself like that without needing an ER visit after!

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