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Sunday, December 19, 2010

30 day project: Day 16

Day 16 of the 30 day project: A picture of the person you've been friends with the longest and still feel connected to


We met in a mommy and me class at 18 months old. Still so connected. We both grew up to be pretty awesome women. I'm just as proud of her as I know she is of me.


Michelle Twin Mum said...

Gosh, how I would love to have a friendship that has lasted that long. OH hang on - I have - my Mum! Mich x

Lynn said...

Tell us the story about how you eventually got expelled from both Mommy & Me and ballet class.

Cheryl D. said...

That is really great!

Dani G said...

Lynn- no joke, Jennifer and I were actually paraded around our elementary school (in 2nd grade) as examples of skirts that were too short. Our moms were trying to make a point that little girl's knees shouldn't be considered sexy. We were lucky they let us finish out the year, but we couldn't come back :) True story!!

Bloggy Blog Designz said...

That is so awesome. I envy that, and wish I had a longer friendship. Stopping in from SITS! Neuffj @ The Neuffj

Anonymous said...

I love these! How cute we were... And yes, I don't even have words to say how proud I am of you and how happy I am to still be so connected. So many memories!!!

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