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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Vacation photos

Who doesn't want to see someone else's vacation photos???

In yesterday's post I mentioned that we recently went on a little trip through the caribbean on a big, big boat. It was a week long adventure starting in Florida where I got to meet up with my high school BFF, whom I hadn't seen in about 12 years or so...
It was amazing!! I got to finally meet her husband (who is a formidable Words With Friends opponent) and her two delicious baby boys!

Then we headed off on the high seas, visiting Puerto Rico, St Thomas, and St Martin.
We brought the most amazing play tutor/SLP student/caregiver in the land, Sarah (I'll do a therapist profile on her soon). She helped take care of Little Bird and managed to get some therapeutic work done in between swimming, playing, swimming, and more playing.
Ok, here are just a few pics...
Old San Juan, Puerto Rico 

Swam like a little fish!

My little pirate

She read a lot

To the other kids onboard, too! 

She slept so well- must have loved the rocking of the boat!!
All in all, a very successful trip. Can I go back now??


trydefyinggravity said...

what a great looking trip! and you took her therapist!! you are brilliant. just brilliant.
makes me think we could do a vacation like that ourselves...someday!

Heather said...

That's so great you were able to bring someone to help- I've always said if we ever do a family vacation I'd love to have the option to do that! I'm completely jealous of your vacation :) but so glad you all had so much fun!

tulpen said...

So jealous! Looks like an awesome time. I've never been on a cruise...

That your hubby with the crazy hair? Cuuuuuute.

Ren- Lady Of The Arts said...

Great photos- I love the bikini shot- so hot- I think I recognize Home in the background of a few shots-

Kristine said...

You look HOT lady! As in "crap, I should start running again" hot.

I am determined to bring someone along next time we go an vacation too. What a great idea!

Okay, going to look at vacations now.

Lynn said...

I knew there'd be a gratuitous bikini shot. Bitch. LB looks so happy!

Cheryl D. said...

Wow, what a vacation! I'm very jealous!

Eve said...

Love the pictures! It's apparent that you all had a wonderful time. Thank you for sharing!

Dani G said...

Wish you were all there with me. No really, I do!!!

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