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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A short list of things Little Bird is grateful for

I made my list, so here's Little Bird's list...

1) SuperWhy!

3) Udi's gluten free bread (toasted with cinnamon and sugar)
4) Miralax (she might not know it, but trust me, she's thankful)
5) The library
6) People who will respond when she repeats the same lines over and over and over
7) light switches: on off on off on off on off
8) Grandpa (please buy her an iPad for Hanukkah!!)
9) Amy's GFCF Mac n Cheese
10) these two (I hope)
Yes, he's this tall and yes, I was wearing heels
Happy Thanksgiving!!


Lynn said...

Of course she is most thankful for YOU!! You know that like 6 months from now she's gonna be taller than you right?

tulpen said...

Great list.

You guys are all so dang cute.

Jealous of the tall husband. Al and I are exactly the same height.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Ren- Lady Of The Arts said...

I am sure she's grateful for you guys! Hope she gets the ipad!

Dani G said...

Lynn, you're so right. I'm never gonna be able to reach the contraband (gluten-filled, dairy-filled treats) that I keep having to put up higher and higher!!

@jencull (jen) said...

I have heard of Superwhy but not seen it, I must look it up on Youtube. Light switches are a great hit here too, not so much for me though! Jen

Chris P-M said...

...light switches are big for my little dude too, and doors (open, shut, open, shut). Man, your husband IS tall! You're a cute couple :)

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