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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Little Bird Needs YOUR Help!

This might be the most important post I ever write.

A lot of people have heard statistics like 1 in 100 children in the U.S. has Autism, or even scarier: 1 in 70 boys. Unless your life is personally affected by Autism, these might just be numbers. But to those of us living each day with the disorder, these numbers are frightening, especially because they keep moving in the wrong direction. Do you have kids? Are you pregnant? Are you planning on having kids? This could just as easily happen to you. 

1 in 100 babies
1 in 70 boys

Yes, those numbers are a big attention getter and seem pretty crazy. Wanna hear something even crazier?? 

Children with Autism in Michigan are denied insurance coverage. Insurance companies in Michigan DO NOT cover diagnosis, treatment or any services related to Autism

This means that many, many families who cannot afford the very expensive out-of-pocket expenses for therapies are forced to go without therapies for their children. They are left feeling helpless and hopeless. 
If you're reading this on or before Tuesday November 30, 2010, you can make a difference in the lives of 15,000 children and their families with a simple phone call. 

There are many dedicated people who have been fighting to push through legislation mandating Autism Insurance Reform in the state of Michigan. It is all coming down to Tuesday's vote. 
Please take a moment or two to contact one of these senators

Let them know you support Autism Insurance Reform and ask them to do the same.
We parents of kids with Autism need your help. We can't do this alone, but we can do this together.

I first saw this video on The Autism Mom's blog, and I felt compelled to share it all of you. Michigan's own Lieutenant Governor Elect, Brian Calley speaks about why he supported this bill even before he learned that his own little girl has Autism. 


Amanda said...

That's crazy! I know how hard it is to get services here, and they're pretty minimal, but at least we have some. MI needs to step up. If military insurance can provide ABA therapy (that's all we get for therapy, but it's something!), then all insurers can cover something for these kids. To add to your numbers, 1 in 88 military kids is diagnosed on the autism spectrum.

Kristine said...

Girl, if I were American I'd be calling all day for you!

Lynn said...

I'd be curious to see the details on how the reform law is written. We got it here in IL, but it didn't ending up benefiting us one bit because the whole thing didn't apply to self-insured companies...which the vast majority of people work for including my husband.

Chris P-M said...

It is incredibly CRAZY. Don't get me started on the insurance thing... We are lucky to have the mandate here in WI (but as Lynn mentions, not for self-insured unfortunately). I have had to battle our own insurance co. several times and it sucks.

Do we have to be from MI to call in?

Dani G said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
@jencull (jen) said...

Best of luck, it is so important that families get the financial assistance they need. Jen

Dani G said...

Chris, I think it's totally cool for out-of-staters to make calls!

dotcomkari said...

OMG how crazy is that? it makes me angry! I have had battles with insurance numerous times to get things for Kai and they have denied tons of items because they thought he did not need them.
Insurance around the nation needs to step up majorly.

I will call for you guys and give them a mouth full!

tulpen said...

That's f***ing insanity.

Marlowe Franklin said...

Thanks for the shout out Dani- we'll see what happens tomorow....kinda unnerving isn't it?

Jessica said...

Can you believe that all these people can't believe we don't have coverage? What is wrong with Michigan??? Hope we get good news for both of our girls soon!

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