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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Therapist Spotlight: Sarah

Sarah is our play tutor extraordinaire. I'm currently trying to convince her to drop out of graduate school (for the masters in speech) and break up with her boyfriend (whom I have never met but Little Bird loves) so she can move into my house and live with us forever to take care of Little Bird. So far she's not willing to take these steps. But, she did go on vacation with us for a caribbean cruise!! I'm hoping this little bit of bribery will do the trick :)

We'd been doing a PLAY program at home but I sucked at it. I'm just not a "play" kind of girl. ABA, I can do that- it's drilling and sitting at the table and circling yeses and nos and it's just way more my style. Free playing?? yuk. So, it became apparent that we'd need someone else in the house doing this kind of play with Little Bird. Our play therapist at the time told me that he knew the perfect person but that she'd been with another family and he'd get in trouble if he told me to steal her away. So, he suggested I just send her a message via facebook and say, "oh, I saw that you do with with so-and-so and I'm looking to get someone in our home doing some work with my little girl, blah blah blah." Well, it worked! She came over, got to know the bird and they both fell in love. They have a lot of fun together. Sarah just gets the bird. She knows the bird pretty well and gets really excited when she's doing well. That's an amazing measure of someone's commitment to my child: that she gets thrilled to see progress. In fact, about 2 months ago when I went out of town, Sarah stayed with Little Bird and while they're usually in our house, she took her to her boyfriend's family gatherings where she was blown away by how the bird was able to interact with other people (always adults over pesky, unpredictable kids). Her excitement and enthusiasm reminds me that the people who work with my kid are really committed and care so much about her. I love having people like this on my team.

Sarah is the best. She's been with us for about a year and a half now. And I'm not kidding about trying to get her to drop her life and her goals and just coming to live with us. FOREVER!!!


Kristine said...

She sounds awesome! Question...how often and how much play therapy do you guys do? I'm thinking of adding it to our schedule.

trydefyinggravity said...

awww! this is great!
one question - how do I get me a "Sarah" too?

Cheryl D. said...

Our behaviorist was like this too, then she "graduated" out of the program and we lost her. I so wanted to keep her chained in our house too! WAAAAAA!

BTW, our behaviorist was a play therapist, but she did ABA also. It was a really cool combination of the the two approaches. AWESOME!

sherri said...

she sounds amazing, so glad you and the bird have her.

sugar magnolia said...

Wow! Sounds like you hit the jackpot with Sarah! Question: can you clone her and send her out my way?

Lynn said...

You know that I have had the same convo with Lauren. She's graduating in the spring. I don't know why she'd want to do anything else with her life other than play with Audrey.

Heather said...

I want a Sarah!

Jen said...

I want a Sarah, too!! I hate the whole play thing and definitely need someone else to come in and take over!

TherExtras said...

Where is Anne Sullivan when you need one, I mean, her?


Dani G said...

Kristine: we use Sarah 3 hours a week. Little Bird also sees a psychologist who specializes in play therapy for 2 hours per week.

Yes, Sarah truly is the best. I wish a million times that I could clone her for you all!!!

Anonymous said...

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