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Friday, January 14, 2011

Therapist Spotlight: Jodie

Jodie is probably the therapist that holds the most special place in my heart. She was our first. Little Bird was only 8 months old when we made our way to Jodie for Physical Therapy. LB couldn't move, roll over, sit up; couldn't even lift her head up. Oh, so that's why she screamed when we attempted 'tummy time'! Jodie worked so hard with Little Bird to get her to do the most basic of gross motor skills. It was so scary back then because we really didn't know what was going on. Why can't she move? Why is her muscle tone so low? Will she ever be able to walk?

Slowly, she gained a little bit of strength and ability. She met those basic milestones, just really really really late. They worked so hard together twice a week for months and months.

I remember the day Little Bird took her first steps at 20 months old. I called Jodie totally freaking out saying she HAD to come over to see this. She was blown away. No one expected the bird to get it before the age of 2. In fact, Jodie later told me that she was sure she'd come over and Little Bird would be cruising furniture and I'd be calling that "walking". But, nope! The bird was doing it!!
No one was as thrilled as we were as Jodie.

She's stuck with us and even though we really only see her for consults now about 3 times a year, she's still a part of the team. Although, there are plenty of times when Little Bird is running away from me and as I chase after her, I think, "freaking Jodie, man. Just had to teach her to walk!!"

You click and I smile. It's that simple. Let's do this.


@jencull said...

lol at your last line, but she sounds fabulous :) Jen

MommyToTwoBoys said...

I just love that picture of Little Bird on the swing! She is so cute! And who knew she had those chubby, chubby cheeks?!?! I love our therapists. In fact, anyone who works with kids with Autism or does kid PT/OT are my heroes now.

Heather said...

You never forget your first ;)

I can't get over Bird's cheeks in that second photo!! Too cute!!

Cheryl D. said...

Did Little Bird skip cruising and go right to walking?

Lynn said...

What a chub! Those PT rooms give me the cold sweats. God, those were lousy days. I'd much rather be running after them than not!

jazzygal said...

Aw..such a cutie! And shows hhow hard work always pays off....our kids deserve it :-))

You know..every time I catch myself wishing that WiiBoy would just STOP TALKING for just 5 minutes I remember when he couldn't talk.

xx Jazzy

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