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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

news flash

A few interesting news pieces I found...

Autism linked to jaundice in newborns, study finds

Little Bird did have a little bit of Jaundice, but it was not a big enough deal to even warrant lights. Interesting study, but I'm not so sure. Was your child with autism jaundiced at birth?

Autism Moms Stress Like Soldiers
Yep, sounds about right. However, we're on a never-ending tour of duty. Plus, we didn't sign up for this. 

Little Bird doesn't have any siblings, so I can't weigh in with my own experience, but I do know at least 4 families with one child with Autism who has a sibling with a speech delay or at least an articulation issue. Hmmmm.... Do you have a kid with Autism and another in speech therapy??

Also, remember back in the spring/beginning of summer when this was my "moment"? Well, this is that same tree in a different season...


heather@actingbalanced.com said...

I also found that the jaundice thing didn't resonate - my adopted daughter, who is my husband's bio niece had severe jaundice as a baby, glow lights and all, and has no autism, my son who has mild/moderate autism had barely a touch of it...

I won't be able to answer the sibling question for at least a year, but it wasn't the case for my good friend - her first son has autism and second son talks up a storm... no speech intervention required...


Lynn said...

Audrey was slightly jaundiced...like alot of newborns are. Who knows. I know of lots of families who, if they don't have multiple kids on the spectrum, have other kids that are speech delayed...especially if they are boys. There's one thing out of 50 billion that I do not have to worry about.

Coconut Milk Yogurt vs Autism said...

Our experiences agree with all three of these findings. We don't worry too much about the language delay in the younger sibling, but we do wish we could figure out a solution to the stress issue.

Cheryl D. said...

I don't believe there's a link to autism and jaundice. Like you child, my girl had slight jaundice that didn't require light treatment. I think jaundice is so widespread that it's easy to point at it as a cause.

Heather said...

Brian had no jaundice- Corbin did though.

Stress- check!

And yes Corbin had (has) a speech delay- I too have seen that a lot in the kiddos I know that their siblings did have some sort of delay even if it wasn't autism.

Deann said...

I heard about the jaundice thing, and it made me kind of giggle. Nearly every baby has jaundice of some kind! But at least it shows they are studying ASD!!

The speech delay isn't surprising as when there are two or more children, they are together in play the most. So they will feed off each other.

Great post!

Chris P-M said...

Hi! I'm new to your blog...love the design!

My son was adopted at 28 months, so I'm not sure about the jaundice thing or anything genetic (kinda sucks not knowing my kid's genetics! Although we've had testing.)

The Language delay definitely resonates big time! Also, I've also used the analogy of feeling like I've been through a war (given the behavioral issues of our kiddo)...so the study you speak of definitely rings true here!


Anonymous said...

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