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Monday, October 11, 2010

New, improved look!

I've gotten a lot of attention over the past two days about the NEW LOOK of this here blog. It's gorgeous, isn't it?!! Please let me gush for just a moment about how amazing Sherri at headersforhire is. It literally took her no time to figure out what I wanted and how she could make it happen. And then voila! the blog looks like this now. Oh, and... she was sick when she did this. Yeah, she's that good.

Oh, and did you see the cute little button she made me, too?? It's over there <------- You should grab it and put it on your blog so everyone knows you like to read my stuff.

Before you ask, YES, Sherri can do stuff for you, too. She's super duper reasonable and just so creative. For realsies. Hit her up, yo.

So, all these messages I'm getting about how great/cute/beautiful/fun/exciting my blog looks?? Well, it's ALL Sherri. All I did was say "birds are pretty cool."


Heather said...

It does look really great Dani! I'm feeling inspired to do some changes on my blog....

Laura @ The Things I Said I'd Never Do said...

I love it! The birds are heartmeltingly cute!

Lynn said...

Yay Sherri!

tulpen said...

Love it! I've got her working on something for me too.

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