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Thursday, September 9, 2010


"Home. Yes I am home. 
Home is wherever I'm with you"
Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros

Last week I marked four years living in my home. Greg and I lived for four years in our previous home. And four years in the home before that, too. Seems like four has been a magic number for us. But the pattern stops there. I really can't see myself living anywhere else. I love my house. I love my home
September 2006- when we first moved in

Yes, the four years we've lived here have been tough, but this has also been the place where we've made big memories. About four weeks after we moved in, the bird took her first steps (at 20 months old). We'd worked hard for those steps. This just feels like a cozy place to live and hang out... and make more memories. Yes, there are toys everywhere and the big trampoline and swing in the basement take up a lot of space; and yes there are books everywhere (what if my kid was obsessed with something else?); and yes, I've killed many of the plants that have come into this home, but it's a well lived-in home. I really do love it here. 

However... I've been really homesick lately. It's hard to tell if I'm homesick for California and for my family, friends, and favorite restaurants. Or if I'm feeling homesick for the life I had there. Everything just seemed so much easier back then. But, I know that place is kinda crazy and way too fast-paced for where I am in my life today. So, I think I'll stay here in the cute little midwest. But, I'd like to go home and visit a bit. If anyone can figure out how I can go back to 1998 for a visit, too, please let me know!!


Ren- Lady Of The Arts said...

Great post D.

Let us know the next time you plan to be on the west coast we'd love to hook up- but please not 1998-

Lynn said...

You've been living in Detroit longer than I was living in San Jose. I wanted to get back home even before autism ruined my life. No matter how long you stay in Detroit, you will probably always have those homesick pangs.

Love your house...looks awesome. I'll stay in the east wing when I'm there.

Samantha said...

Just split this little pill with me, I'll grab the cracker and the you know what's and we can just cruise right back into the late 90's. Yeah.

Jen said...

I am right there with you. We have been in our house 4yrs this past August. I am feeling antsy. I think I am a gypsy by nature and hate being one place too long. This is the longest I have lived anywhere since moving away from home. And I also get homesick for my prior life. I don't regret the life I have, but, yeah, it's tough. I might like to revisit 2002...hmmm. :) If only for the disposable income!

Shana Glickfield said...

You can always borrow my parents in a pinch! Only don't count on them for fab restaurants. ;) And should've known you'd be a fellow Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros FAN!! Happy 4 years! xoxo

Debbie C said...

Everything always seems a little easier in the past...do we forget the hard parts or is it that we think if we had to go back we could deal with them better? Or maybe the hard parts of long ago are easy compared to what's now?!
Ahhh...life. Isn't it grand? Gotta smile and see the beauty that surrounds us. xoxox

sherri said...

Love that song. And I, too, feel like I'm nostalgic for past cities, but they will never be the same. Hard for me to embrace being and appreciating the moment/place I am sometimes. Always wondering if there is a better place? I'm kooky like that. Swap partners are up at my place...

The Empress said...

I sometimes feel that way, but it's more like the old me I used to be that I miss.

It's that no one I now know in my life knows how I was and what my life was like.

It feels lonely. Like I want to present people in my life now with a book, and say, "here , read this, this is what I'm really like."

I miss people knowing me.

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