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Monday, August 30, 2010

My so called bloggy life

"Our struggle still feels wonderful tonight"
-The Hold Steady

Okay, so the struggle doesn't feel so wonderful, but it is ours. You really need to live this life to get it. I do have nice support and love from my family and some friends, but the most amazing support has come from the people who are living this life, too. There are so many of us out there. You can be in a large crowd, not know anyone and somehow bump into someone whose kid has special needs and you're immediately bonded. Sisters.

I have sisters who are walking through this with me in real life: Melissa, Susan, Jen, Arlene (there are others). We've met sitting in therapy centers, waiting rooms, etc. But there are others, too. Others I've never met in for reals. They're my sisters, too. This is where I go when I need support, empathy, understanding and compassion. Humor, too. A lot of humor. We'd be pretty effed without our humor.

Loads of people sell ad space on their blogs or review products or do giveaway contests. I think there's absolutely nothing wrong with that- especially as therapy costs add up! I've been approached to do this, but that's not what this is about for me (for now, anyway). This whole blog thing started out as a way to showcase our life in Michigan for my friends and family out in California (look! here we are in the snow!). It kind of morphed into this whole Autism thing because, after all, that is our life. Then something happened: I started meeting other moms online with similar situations. And there's that instant bond. That's what this blog is about for me. It's a fun way for me to tell you what's happening in my life (with and without Autism); a way to share funny anecdotes; a way to help inform others who aren't so familiar with Autism; it's a plea for support. Thanks for being there. And thanks for not being creepy.

The two most powerful words ever spoken are "me too". There's so much comfort in knowing I'm not alone. I've made some pretty great connections over these interwebs. Without a doubt, Lynn is one of my favorite "special" moms. I am so glad I got to meet her in person last weekend. She already wrote about it (she's quick) and she's way funnier than I am. There's no pretense: we know each other. We are bonded by something that is bigger than we ever expected. Plus, it's fun to laugh about some of the quirks we deal with and the abbreviations we live by: ASD, LRE, OAT, GFCF, etc.  It's beyond comforting to know that there are people who totally get it just an email (or a 4.5 hour drive) away. So, thank you to all of you "special" moms with just a little bit more on your plates. Thanks for the support and keep it up, ladies. I need it!!
This picture is Lynn's but I had to use it because I'm standing sideways in the one on my camera

This is me with Lauren, whom I will be stealing from Lynn to come live with my family and work with my bird. Don't tell Lynn.

Alright, now go read Lynn's post. It's a good one!!


Heather said...

I think it is super cool that you guys got to meet, as I'm big bloggy fans of both of you! :)

sugar magnolia said...

You never know in a crowd just who is walking a parellel life. I blogged about it a few months ago (http://is.gd/eMkcD). Actually, just this weekend I was at Nordstom getting dd shoes and the lady next to me was admiring her....we got to talking and it turns out that her son, now age 16, used to have a feeding tube, just like my dd did. Who knew? I felt instantly bonded to this stranger. Good post!

Lauren said...

Hi Dani G,
I've been secretly reading your blog since Lynn told me about you so I owe you a comment and here it is!
I'm so glad I got to meet you. Lynn wasn't lying when she said I was all nervous and such. You seem like such a wonderful mother fighting for your Little Bird.
And if I move to Michigan which is in my top 5, I'm counting on you for a job :)

Lynn said...

I took a pretty picture of the two of you! Don't get too cozy cuz Lauren isn't going anywhere.

Now you can call me anytime if you ever need to talk Dani...and I won't be a disembodied voice on the phone. Hope you guys had a great rest of your weekend, and that everything went well with LB while you were gone!

Dani G said...

Heather, I might have to head to Maine next!

Lauren, not only would have a job, but a place to stay any time :) (don't tell Lynn!!)

K- floortime lite mama said...

ooooh how awesome
if you are ever in Tennnessee do come and hang out wiht me

Piscesgirl said...

So nice you got to meet! I enjoy reading about Moms who live through the ups and downs that Autism brings... Helps me remember we aren't all alone in this! :)

Melissa said...

Love you Dani

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