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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Another day, another doctor

Raise your hand if you had a rectal exam today

Sucks, huh? Well, I took the bird to see yet another pediatric G.I. doc this morning. Actually, after reading my posts about the last doc we saw, my friend Fawn suggested that I see this guy (thanks fawn!). Then, I remembered my other friend Hayley say she'd taken her kid there, too. Well, this guy is the head of the G.I. dept at Childrens Hospital of Michigan, so hopefully he knows what he's doing. He was very nice and is definitely onboard with the idea that the gut can affect the brain. Hallelujah! He said he sees a lot of kids with Autism and that shows me that he's heard from a lot of crazy warrior moms like me. Still, he did say that he's impressed with what I've done and my knowledge of the gut and her issue. It's nice to hear and I hope that means he'll take me more seriously than the last guy who suggested we just use laxatives every day "indefinitely".

First order of business: after this round of flagyl (yes, we're on day 8 of flagyl and I love this drug!!) we'll take her off the probiotics (because that's technically a bacteria) and then do a retest of bacteria levels in the gut. If he finds that there are real bacterium in there, he'd suggest we treat more aggressively with the flagyl, more often. He also wants to have us work with a nutritionist to be sure she's getting her needs met. Sounds good to me. 

Back to the rectal exam... my daughter is a champ. She kicked and screamed and fought the shizz out of that doctor as soon as she saw that finger coming near her tushie. That's my girl! And when it was all over (which was really in a matter of seconds), she demanded to play with my iPhone. And she got it. 


Laura @ The Things I Said I'd Never Do said...

So glad you found a nearby doc that doesn't blow you off! Yay!I hope this is the start of a beneficial relationship.

Ren- Lady Of The Arts said...

I am so glad you found this Dr!

Glad to hear that he is on board, the best and on top of things.

Sounds great D!

Love to LB-

Piscesgirl said...

Good to hear you saw a doc that will hear you out! :)

tulpen said...

Sounds like a good visit. Except for the little bit o' violation. Sorry Little Bird!

Kristine said...

POOR girl..I hate THOSE kind of visits. Glad you found someone on the same page though!

Hayley said...

He was so great for Devin! My fingers are crossed for you too!! I think you guys will be on the same page...he's brilliant!!! Best of luck! Would love to get together one of these days!!

My name is Erin. said...

Those visits are never a good time. But I'm glad you're feeling better about this doc. We use the iPhone as a reward as well. Abby LOVES it.

Anonymous said...

I am so glad you are getting the validation you deserve on this issue. Of couse you are an expert on poop :) and good to find a Dr. who recognizes that. Love it and love you! Mom

Big Daddy said...

Just found your blog today thanks to Lynn at Autism Army. What better way to get acquainted than a good rectal exam story? Funny stuff. Can't wait to check out your older posts.

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