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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Random Thought Thursday

- I never played kids' music for the bird because I just can't stand it. So, she listens to the music we listen to. However, she has definitely developed her own taste. In fact, there are plenty of times when we're listening to the radio and she tells me, "put some music." Since it's already on, I ask, "you want me to put on different music?" "yeah!" Unfortunately, sometimes she tells me to change the station when it's a really good song. She seems to be going through a hip-hop/rap phase right now. She really likes the strong beats- obviously a sensory seeking thing.

-The second session of camp started this week. I agreed to let the bird ride the bus on the way home. She loves it! I, of course, was armed with my camera for the very moment the bus pulled up. When the driver opened the doors and asked "which kid is yours" I said, "the cute one." Obv. Note the finger in the ear which has now become constant.

-Word association: this weekend while the iPod was on shuffle, we landed on the song Bloodsuckers by David Garza. Little Bird was listening and then shouts, "suckers! I want lollipops!"

-I had what seemed like a Midwestern Moment this week... All set and ready to walk out the door to drop off the bird at camp. Garage door fail. Stuck inside. I run back inside, call my neighbor/friend Jen as she's pulling out of her own driveway to drop her daughter at camp (different camp). She swings by and grabs me and the bird and drops her at camp. Later in the morning, Greg came home to help me get my car out the garage. He asked the teenage neighbor kid to help him get the garage open manually. The kid was already here mowing my lawn. Yes, friends out in LA, a teenaged neighbor cuts my grass. So cute, right?!

-Many kids with Autism don't play with toys appropriately. My kid tends to chew on toys and/or mouth them. I found this....
Her whole lower arm has been gnawed, the other hand looks chewed on, and her nose looks bitten (to spite her face?) That oughta wipe that smug smile right off her face.


Kristine said...

I totally had the same thought about avoiding kids music, but made the fatal mistake of playing a Sesame CD once for Katie. Seems I'm destined to hear "rubber duckie" all day long in my head. Shoulda stuck to Radio Head.

Katie also chews on her toys A LOT. Did LB's chewing decrease at all with time/age? Have you learned any tricks to discourage it? I used to replace them with a soother, but we're trying to get her off of them.

Lynn said...

Nice visual on the finger in the ear thing...she is so cute. Is she a doppelganger for your husband?
We Midwesterners are ADORABLE!
OK, that chewed up toy is the mommy...be afraid.

tulpen said...

My Deaf kid insists on music in the car. LOUD MUSIC. And he likes what I like. I'm so freaking lucky.

He also never played appropriately with toys. Actually, never really played with toys at all. But didn't chew them either. I would have welcomed that though...chewing was something that we worked on for EVER.

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