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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Random Thought Thursday

- Nice. It all makes sense to me now.

- A few weeks ago I mentioned that I wanted to learn to play the banjo. I have changed my mind and want to buy myself a shiny new tambourine. Way more my speed.

- We were at Target (I'm working on becoming mayor on foursquare) and I asked Little Bird which shirt she wanted. She said Mickey. Devastating, I know. Oh well, she can pick her shirts when she pays for them herself. Grateful Dead it is!

- Do you read Katy's Bird on the Street blog? She's amazing. Of course, I think all moms dealing with a little something extra are amazing, but Katy really rocks. I woke up this morning and read this post. I'm so moved by it because it's something so many of us can relate to; not only the post, but the comments, too. Click on the link and have at it. Charlie's Ghost.


tulpen said...

I would have snagged the Dead shirt too.

And was just reading Katy's post before I came over hear... still a little teary eyed.

K- floortime lite mama said...

loved your picture LOL
off to read Katy's post

Lynn said...

thanks for the link to Katy's post. God do I have alot of Stephens. The little fuckers. Should I post my mom's Anna Nicole Smith quote on her blog? Guess not.

mommy~dearest said...

If only your shopping logic worked to my advantage... my son would be walking around doomed to a childhood of Hello Kitty T-shirts. :)

Laura @ The Things I Said I'd Never Do said...

Snarf. I had a kid just so I could be *that* mom that dresses him in novelty onesies.

sugar magnolia said...

That shirt rocks, and I wish I could find one for my kids!

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