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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Random Thought Thursday

- Here's my basket from the drug store a few days ago. Who wants to party with me???

- We leave critter food outside on our deck because we love seeing the little guys out there. I've seen groundhogs, chipmunks, colorful birds and even deer in my back yard. It's like the nature channel some days. Just another reminder that we're not in Los Angeles anymore...

-Reason #4080 I carry a camera with me at all times. You never know what you're gonna see lying across a cab in a parking lot.

- Somewhere there's a 16 year old girl getting a brand new BMW for her birthday and all her friends are jealously thinking, "I wish my dad could do something amazing like manufacture taco scented scratch and sniff stickers."

- And finally... kudos to my husband for making the smart decision to send me flowers to thank me for holding down the fort while he went on vacation (yes, vacation). I asked him why one of the balloons says "happy anniversary" and he said "because it was the 10th anniversary of our engagement and I figured you thought it was a big deal since you were all bloggy blog about it." Note to self: sometimes Greg reads the blog.


Ren- Lady Of The Arts said...

I want to party with you!
Is he still on vacay? It feels like he's been gone forever.
Good thing he sent flowers and ballons.

Lynn said...

So you've got it flowing out of one hole and not out the other? You are Bloaty McCrampington.

Nice roses!

Dani G said...

In all fairness, half that basket was for me and the other half was for Little Bird. I'll let you guess ;)

Ren, yes he's home. Are you coming to visit us or what??

Grandmother Crone said...

Hi dani, I've just read your entire blog and completely lost track of time. Some posts I read twice. Never did that with any blog (except my own). Reading your posts feels like we're having coffee together. The only difference being that I wish I could hold up my end of the conversation.
I'm addicted now.

Dani G said...

Wow, thanks, Grandmother Crone! And welcome aboard!! I promise to keep trying to feed your new addiction ;)

Your kind words mean a lot to me. No, really. Like, a lot.

Laura @ The Things I Said I'd Never Do said...

The Taco stickers and your blurb about them made me shoot water...ok, actually it was beer, out my nose.

mommy~dearest said...

OMG- hilarious.

Anonymous said...

You are sooo funny! Matt and you are the 2 funniest people... so pround of both of you! Mom

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