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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Random Thought Thursday

-During a recent visit to the Target Bookstore (when your kid is obsessed with books, any store that has books becomes "the ____ bookstore"), I noticed a book that seemed out of place. One of these things is not like the other.

-Out to lunch a few days ago, I realized that I judge people based on how they treat the wait staff. I think you can tell A LOT about a person based on that.

-I know or have direct contact with every one of my Facebook friends, but I don't know all of my tweeps (twitter peeps). I've found that I really like a lot of my twitter and bloggy people- sometimes even more than the people I know in for reals life.

-I don't care what anybody says, having the stomach flu sucks. So glad that's over!

-Favorite tweet of the week:
Wilfried139 @TheRealDaniG , my email is wilfriedmaul@web.de send me with picture soon back allright
    Wilfried Maul Wilfried139 @TheRealDaniG iam from germany and look for girl / woman frienship any country wait for write me

** so there's his email address in case you wanna send him a picture ;)
-Here is a list of the three new CDs I'm listening to right now:


Penny said...

So, which book is not like the others? The cupcake book (which I own) because it is not a diet book; the one book that is turned on its side; or the diabetes book?

Dani G said...

They all have something to do with a diet or healthy lifestyle... and then there's the cupcake book!!

Kelli said...

I LOVE BROKEN BELLS! I'm also listening to Morcheeba (Blood Like Lemonade).

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