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Sunday, June 13, 2010

OAT results

Last week I was at an event where I saw a lot of people I know. More than a few of them stopped me to say they read this stuff here and really enjoy it. Weird. First of all, sometimes I forget that people actually read this- especially people I know in my real life. Secondly, sometimes I'm completely shocked to learn that certain people do. Listen, if you do read this, tell me. I wanna know. Boost a girl's ego a little bit, okay? Oh, and would it kill you to "follow" me on here? 

Anyway, one friend asked me if I ever got the OAT results back and it suddenly hit me that I never told you about that. I got some basic preliminary results, but I have an appt to meet with the voodoo doctor this week (I might even be able to convince Greg to come with me), where I'll get more information. Until then, here's the deal...

Apparently the bacteria is down (woohoo), but the yeast is "through the roof" (mother effer!). My friend Melissa describes this as the hotel theory: as soon as you kick out some guests, you're making room for others to move in. I've always been so "proud" that she doesn't have yeast!! So "proud" that she has never been a sick kid *knocking on wood*, so she's never taken antibiotics that might have brought on the yeast... until we used antibiotics (flagyl) to treat the bacteria in her gut. It's like I traded one beast for another. Not my plan. 


This OAT which showed such high yeast was taken before this last round of flagyl. And she got so much better after this round. I'm talking SO much better. But, here we are almost three weeks after her last dose of flagyl and it's not good. It's kinda bad. Way super scripty, suddenly overly-sensitive to sounds and her fingers are constantly in her ears. I guess the good thing is that she's not flapping so much lately. She can't, really. Her fingers are constantly in her ears.
It's hard to see. I have all the fears about this being the beginning of the end of this "good wave" of the cycle. But, I'm gonna try really really really hard to just take it a day at a time. Stay tuned.


Penny said...

We suspect yeast is a factor at our house, too - what a pain. We've returned to homeopathy to help us.

tulpen said...

Oh, I hope the good wave isn't ending!

Florida Girl Meets the Midwest said...

You are a warrior mom.

I moved from Florida to the the Midwest and I'm not sure if I will ever fit in.

Stopping by from SITS.

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