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Monday, June 28, 2010

A meme for me

Do you ever read Tulpensbadwords? She's really really funny. Like, really funny, ok? Well, I read her (a good reason for you to do the same) and she done tagged me in a meme. (mom: "meme" rhymes with cream and is an idea or game or picture or something that gets passed from person to person all over the interwebs)
I never do these things. You know how people send those chain letters that talk about how special friendship is and then at the bottom of the message it says that if you don't forward it to 12 people in the next 8 seconds you're going to have horrible things happen to you, your mom, your favorite child, etc? Well, I hate those and I usually delete them. Hmmm maybe there's something to that? Anyway, I've had a rough, heavy weekend (and 32 years) so I'm participating. Maybe it will be nice to do something light and fun. Tulpen, the pressure is on for this to be fun!

She wrote 8 questions for me to answer, and then tag other bloggers to do the same. Wait, I need to make up questions, too? Ugh. 

1: Desert island time: What kind of chips do you bring?
Sour Cream and Onion. Ordinarily I'd get the baked ones, but if I'm stuck on an island, I don't care. Bring on the grease!!
2: Speaking of chips. Double dip: Yes or No? Come on, nobody is watching.
Obviously. If I want more dip, I'm getting more dip.

3: You can only have ONE; your computer or your TV?
No brainer. computer. But it must be the mac. F the PC.
4: Cheesecake: Proof that God exists and wants you to be happy, and fat. Yes or no?
No. Chocolate. And candy. And chocolate covered candy.
5: Farts are always funny. Yes or no?

Yes, especially when Little Bird farts. She rips it and then, as if an explanation is needed shouts, "the butt!"

6: Got kids? Watch Disney or Nick? What's your favorite? Don't got kids? You're watching way better TV than I am. You suck.
Nick Jr. and PBS Kids. Disney is dumb. Like, really dumb. Like, really, really dumb. And thank you to LadyRen for introducing me to Dina Goldstein's Fallen Princesses. Take a moment and look. Amazing.


No effing way. Seriously. No. I don't want to spend the little time I have watching shows where kids break into song and dance around. I want to watch shows about things that really happen. Like my favorite show, Nurse Jackie. She's a ballsy, cheating, pill popping, powder snorting nurse with a heart. Oh, or Lost. That could totally happen.

8: Really embarassing guilty pleasure. I'll show you mine if you show me yours. And mine is pretty embarassing.

Ok, I guess mine is tv shows like Party of Five and My So-Called Life and Dawson's Creek and Felicity. I love Felicity. Best part of the 4 weeks of bed rest at the end of pregnancy was the 3 hours TBS played Felcicity and Dawson's Creek (I asked greg if Little Bird was a girl could we name her Joey or Josephine. He said no. He also said no to Willow and Strawberry. This is probably why she has a boy's name). 

Wait, that's it? No!! I need more questions or else I have to get up and unload the dishwasher!

Ok, here are my tags:

And here are your questions, ladies....
1) Last piece of music you bought/downloaded (legally or illegally)?

2) Never go to bed angry? Or too tired for that and we'll deal with it later?

3) Have you turned into your mother yet? Truth.

4) If you could go back in time to high school, would you? I would.

5) What did you eat for breakfast this morning? I had a bowl of cereal. Two parts Fiber One, one part Cap'n Crunch Crunchberries. So what?

6) Do you secretly like the songs in the Backyardigans? Yes you do.

7) Do you ever lie and say you think your friends kids are cute? What? No, no me neither. Every child is a gift (blah blah blah).

8) Desert island: husband, best friend, or Edward Cullen? Yeah, me too.

Listen, I don't really care if you participate. Honestly, my feelings won't be hurt. Mostly because I'm numb and have no feelings (kidding). But if you want to think about something other than that thing you're avoiding for 20 minutes, this is a good solution. Trust me.

Alright, Tulpen, I hope I did it right. I've never been good at following directions :)


tulpen said...

Tee Hee.

You watch cheesy shit like Dawson's Fucking Creek and won't give Glee a chance? Pussy.

"The butt!" Too funny.

Can't stand the Backyardigans but DO find myself singing their stupid ass songs.

Desert Island? Edward Cullen... in a tub of chocolate cheesecake.

tulpen said...

oh, and I'll reveal my embarassing guilty pleasure tomorrow.

Lynn said...

"The butt"...you can't not laugh at that.

OK, I've never done one of these before either. Pressure.

Dani, I always delete those emails too. Epiphany. That is what is totally fucking up our lives. You can look forward to getting lots of forwarded emails from me now with polar bears and kittens rolling around.

Dani G said...

Lynn, it all makes sense now. I hereby promise to keep that "woman" walking, keep the "candles" lit, spread the word that bill gates is sharing his fortune, and I might even forward all the forwards of forwards of forwards my mom sends me.

Tulpen, Dawson's Creek fucking rocks. I'm sticking to it. Can't wait for your big reveal tomorrow.

Ren- Lady Of The Arts said...

Thanks for the linky love-

Um I was tagged at the same time as Tulpen- I didn't follow the rules and now I'm being tagged again- I need to go LOAD the dishwasher or else my husband will be mad at me...

Dani G said...

I just have to mention how funny Lynn's response to this is. You must go see her take on this meme (whatever that means): http://www.autismarmymom.com/2010/06/what-is-meme.html

Heather said...

oh no Dani, the pressure is on now! i'm already salivating about the thought of me and edward cullen on a deserted island................

Angelia Sims said...

Dani, HA! Cracked me up. I read Heather's yesterday.

Glee reminds me of Rent and I just didn't get that....... Nurse Jackie definitely more my speed or WEEDS on Showtime.

Dani G said...

Oh, Angelia! You just reminded me that Weeds is coming back on soon!! Woohoo!!!

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