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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The cool kid

Every day there's a different "leader" in Little Bird's class. The leader literally leads the class to the enrichment rooms (computers, science lab, gym class, music class, etc), tells the class what the weather looks like outside and what day of the week it is. Yeah, it's a pretty big deal. Most importantly, the leader brings in a book or two to share with the class. The teachers read the books during circle time or story time or whatever they call it. So, last week I was dropping the bird off and I saw a little girl come in with the book that LB gave her for her birthday. Oh, I give books for gifts because, trust me, these kids have enough toys. Plus, Little Bird LOVES books. As far as obsessions go, I got lucky with her and her books (she's the reason I'm the mayor of barnes and noble on foursquare)

I've been giving books for years. I was on a trend of giving the book
If Peace Is by Jane Baskwill:

I'm currently passing out the remainders of the book the little girl brought in last week:
How Full is Your Bucket (for kids). 
It's all about building self esteem in yourself and others; treating others well and with respect.

Anyway, my point is I watched this little girl come in to lead the class and she carried the book around to the other kids and proudly exclaimed, "{Little Bird} gave me this book for my birthday!!" Like that was something SO COOL. Dude, I think my kid is the cool kid at school!! For reals! I'm so glad that this little girl was proud to have LB as her friend and to brag about the gift she received from her. I'm just glad the other kids didn't blurt out that they'd received the same book on their birthdays. Time to switch it up a bit. Next book I'm giving out is My Brother Charlie.


Piscesgirl said...

That is awesome that you give books! Wonder why more of us don't think of that! haha. I have been giving out art stuff for the past year...I may switch it up to books! :)

Heather said...

I always give books to my nieces & nephews as well- they make great gifts I think!

Isn't the cool kid feeling a great one? LOL I was so excited when C's kindergarten teacher told me in private, that he was one of the most popular kids in his class- sweet! lol

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