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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Random Thought Thursday

-Ummmm, listen, Mr. Turtle. I've got places to go. Can we speed this up a bit?

-I wonder if the local grocer needs to turn the lights down a little bit. It seems it's too bright for some of the ladies around here, as they seem to NEED their dark sunglasses in the market. Ladies, please let me remind you that this is not 90210 (trust me), and that this is the kind of little midwestern town where little turtles cross the 2 lane road (see above). Drop it down a notch, girls.

-This was the conveyor belt at the apparently very bright grocery store a few days ago. All I really wanted was pizza, potato chips, chocolate chip cookies, and vodka. This is what I ate instead.

-This was a big TV week. I'm feeling "jacked" after losing both Jack Shepherd AND Jack Bauer this week. Might console myself with Jack Andcoke. Get it? Get it yet? How about now? Zing!

-Why am I called a stay at home mom if I'm NEVER home?

-Art Linkletter died yesterday. The only impact he made on my life is that I never did LSD because my mom told me that his daughter jumped out of a window while she was tripping her balls off during an acid trip. My mama taught me well.


Piscesgirl said...

HAHAHAHHA,one of the best posts I have seen all week! I got that beat. I took my oldest to the movies last weekend, a woman was walking into the theatre with her sunglasses STILL ON! ugh...

Lady Ren said...

Sunglasses make you look younger- it's a trick.
All you wanted was pizza, chips, cookies and vodka?
I got it before you even said "get it".
'Tripin balls' are the exact words a chick at the last Phish show we went to said she was doing and in the same breath asked me if I wanted her to watch my monkeys-

hotpants™ said...

I need to catch up on Lost and 24. I never watched either of those.

Stopping by from SITS!

Anonymous said...

Your Mama must have been sooo cool to say "Trippin balls". Love ya, Your Mama.

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