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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Random Thought Thursday

Random Thought Thursday

-I officially have a massive crush on Aziz Ansari. I spent about an hour watching clips on YouTube and I was literally laughing out loud. On my couch. By myself. This is my favorite one.

-I'm not great in the kitchen, but I try. My girl wanted french fries, so I decided to bake some:
At least they're not ALL burnt.

-A few days ago we walked through the grocery store and hit the fruits and veggies first. My little bird was like the very hungry caterpillar. She ate her way through the produce section. Some grapes, one strawberry and two peaches. We stuck the peach pits in a plastic bag and put them on the conveyor belt at check out. The lady was confused and didn't charge us. Obviously I would've paid for them. In fact, I would've paid someone just to get fruits into my kid. I still can't believe she ate all that. Although the next day she pooped 4 times (this is mostly due to the flagyl she's on) and so, trust me, I believe it.

-While driving a few days ago, I couldn't help but notice that this woman was reading a magazine while driving. If you know this woman (or any woman in a red mercedes with a camo hat), please point out how bad this looks. Like, the whole look. Oh, and I was the passenger in my car; I wasn't driving while photographing. Everyone knows DWP is not cool.

-This week is Shavuout, a Jewish holiday honoring the time that the Jews were given the Torah. (Yes, we're Jews)  So, in school, Little Bird made a ten commandments project. There are loads of Asian kids who attend LB's Jewish preschool and it's always a little funny to see art projects like this with names like Khodai and Jin.

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tulpen said...

Loving the Aziz clip, always liked him on Parks & Rec, now I have full blown crush. thanks!

I had a lady almost rear end me while drinking a fucking coolata and talking on her fucking phone.

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