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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Random Thought Thursday

-Hey, Canadian Geese: what the F is your problem? Why are you so mean? And get the F out of the road!

-Dear Michigan, you know it's Spring, right? I mean 40s and torrential rain in May is NOT working for me

-My mommy is coming! My mommy is coming! 2 more days til my mommy is here. She's gonna plant flowers in my yard again. She'll probably cook me delicious meals, too. Although she did ask me to make my delicious zucchini pasta for her this time.

-So... Sid the Science Kid. What, ummm, ethnicity do you think his family is?

-Since TV sucks in the summer (sorry, I don't watch the reality shows about dancing and singing with the D-listers), I'm thinking I'll do netflix or something to get whole seasons of shows I've missed that other people rave about. So far, I'm thinking Community (Joel McHale!!) and maybe Mad Men. What else should I get into?

-I've been reading Rodney Peete's "Not My Boy" (thank you, Susan, for lending it to me!) about his experience as the father to a kiddo with Autism. So, if you see me crying on the elliptical, that's why (yes, I read on the machines).

-And finally, I'm annoyed by the people who go nuts waiting for the closest parking space. How about you park a little further away and just walk? Trust me, you could use the exercise. That was the nicest way for me to say that, by the way.


Lady Ren said...

Weeds and Big Love and typo in reading while on the machine (way- not why)

Dani G said...

Been watching Weeds since the beginning. Love it! Big Love? I'll put it on the list!

Ronnica said...

I've heard so much about Community that it makes me want to try it out, too...but I don't need another show that I have to watch! SYTYCD is a great summer distraction for me. =)

tulpen said...

I've wondered that about Sid too.
Cuban/Irish perhaps?

Joel McHale is hot in a very strange, but hot way. That show cracks my shit up.

I feel the same way about the parking spot stalkers. Just freaking walk dammit, you lazy piece of shit.

Lady Ren said...

Are you going to 'moment' this week? Have fun with your mama- can't wait to see what she does with the garden this year!
Saw your comment on Tulpen's blog-
Dr. J was at that same show she went to- and left from Toronto- how small world is that?!
Have a great weekend-

Anonymous said...

don't know about the specifics on sid, but his family does celebrate christmas, hanukkah, and kwanzaa...appears mom is african-american, dad is causasian and jewish. grandma - i think dad's mom - lives in minnesota and has this awful minnesotan accent.

great. now i'm going to try to go to sleep singing "rug time" in my head. ugh.


MC said...

MAD MEN for sure.

Modern Family (http://www.casttv.com/shows/modern-family) and Community are great too.

Anonymous said...

Yes seriously Big Love, Modern Family, Cougar Town, and Community are musts. Modern Family and Cougar Town RULE..both Hoss and I think they're HILARIOUS. May I also recommend Rules of Engagement, Big Bang Theory and one of my biggest faves - How I Met your Mother. These 3 are great comedies!

Love, Devon

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