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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Random Thought Thursday

I don't think this will stick, but I'm gonna try a 'random thought thursday'.

So, here goes...

-no matter how long I live here, I'll never get used to springtime roadkill; and I'll continue to believe that they're just sleeping.

-Dear Rolling Stone,
Thank you. Thank you so much!

-I think I wanna move into an assisted living facility. But I don't wanna wait until I'm 75. I wanna go, like now. Dude, they have Bingo!

-I love the show LOST, but sometimes I get distracted by John Locke's boobs.

-Damn, you, Parenthood. You make me laugh and then cry, only to make me laugh again. But, I always end up crying a little bit more. 

-Hmmm never noticed that cute dad picking up at school before

-I don't care if you say I tweet too much. I'm gonna keep on tweetin' (follow me @TheRealDaniG)

-It's been such a pleasure to go into restaurants in the past week and not come out smelling like an ash tray (no-smoking in restaurants law just went into effect in Michigan). But (or butt), I am worried that people will smoke in their cars more and then throw their butts out the window. 

-I'd like to formally nominate the guy down the street for D-Bag of the year award. He wears all black ALL the time, slicks back his hair (or what remains of it) and just bought a Bentley. In this economy. In Detroit. Wait, nevermind. No nomination necessary. We have a winner.

-Best text of the week came from my friend Becca: "I don't know if you planned anything for dinner tonight, but I am making a pot of turkey chili if you want to swing by and pick up some dinner for you guys."  I barely finished reading the text before I arrived at her door!

That's All.


Lou said...

You should really get paid for blogging. Some nights I sit and catch up with your blogs to find all of my roommates huddled over my shoulders saying, "wait, you scrolled down too fast....I didn't finish the last part."

melissa said...

there are a ton of d-bags in the area. maybe they are all related, no?
i said the same thing about that magazine cover. i licked it at my moms drs. office. i love him.
what roadkill;)
i love random posts. i do them all the time. fun!!

Heather said...

LMAO- I always think the same thing about Locke's man-boobs!!

And yay on the cigarette ban- it's been that way in Maine for years now and I couldn't imagine it any other way!

Cristin said...

I barely paid much attention after that Robert Downey pic. I wonder if Hubby would grab me a copy on his way home from work, then let me paste that picture onto his face and then.... ok, wrong things going through my head.

oh, never seen lost, but you're right; those are some distracting boobs. and they're bigger than mine.

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