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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Just because

Just because she's back; more focused, more attentive, more engaged...


Salt said...

She's so cute! And very stylish looking also.

Piscesgirl said...

LOVE,LOVE,LOVE IT! It is so wonderful when they "check back in". She is such a cutie pie!

Lady Ren said...

I love LB.

Ticky and Mimi said...

what a terrific post!

dotblogg said...

you've got a beautiful daughter! soo cute:)

magimomsblog said...

Stopping by from SITS - Happy Saturday!
Hang in there - I know what you're going through - to the extremes, our son (not autisitc but SED with bi-polar, and autistic tendencies)is currently hospitalized. His regression started when he was five, and because his biomom never did anything about it, he's kind of stuck there.
It's frustrating and aggravating having all the evals and doctors, and everyone saying "I don't know"... but keep in mind, you are doing SOMETHING about it...you are getting her the help she needs to be the person she's intended to be - and that my dear is what its all about. I wish you luck, love and laughter on this journey!

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