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Monday, May 24, 2010

Coming back

Well, it looks like this regressive period is ending. *knocking wood, biting tongue, throwing salt*
There were a good 7 weeks there of complete and total dysregulation. If you're not familiar with sensory processing, you won't get this at all. But, she was just off. Extra sensory seeking and her need for extra input was interfering with her ability to focus, attend, and participate in anything in school; she was more stimmy and scripty than usual and I went crazy. Crazy!! 7 weeks is a really long time.

I mentioned in this post that sometimes when kids take a step or two backwards, it's just so that they can leap forward. The process of gaining and honing new skills is sometimes too much for their little brains and they need a little extra time to organize all this new information, so they regress a bit until they're ready to show off their new skills.

So far I've been able to see Little Bird's greatest amount of progress in the gross motor department. Not only can she now jump off of a step with two feet, but she's jumping off everything with to feet and landing each jump perfectly. She's walking up stairs with alternating feet with more fluidity and confidence (this helps her keep up with the rest of her class, eliminating more differences). A few people have said they notice better articulation, but since I'm with her every day it's hard for me to notice that. Almost everyone I have seen thinks that she's WAY taller. This comes up a lot: the growth spurt. It's hard to believe, but a growth spurt can actually totally throw a kid's sensory system off.

I'm definitely going to attribute a lot of this "coming out" credit to Flagyl. It's amazing how much better she is when she's on this drug. Amazing! My kid is a "gut" kid. She just is. Looking forward to getting the results back from the last test we did to check for a baseline of bacteria in her gut. These results will show us where she was just before this round of flagyl and I'm interested to see how they compare to the last time we tested her, which was before we ever treated with flagyl (6 months ago).  But, regardless of what the tests say, I can't deny the results I'm seeing. Everyone's seeing them, really. It's all a big experiment, isn't it? I'm now going to sit back and see how long this ride lasts, so i can determine how long to go next time before the next round of the drug. This time I think I waited too long and I think the bacteria came and grew back will full force. They're sneaky little bacteria and I'll always have to work to be a step ahead of them. All in a day's (or lifetime's) work.


Lady Ren said...

woot woot Little Bird- Can you send me your snail mail. Privatly of course.

Piscesgirl said...

Yay! she does look like she is tall. So happy that she is making such great progress and things are getting better!

tulpen said...

Yay Little Bird! I get the sensory stuff.

Do you know Heather (Nobody But Yourself on my blogroll)? Her daughter has SPD.

sherri said...

"sometimes when kids take a step or two backwards, it's just so that they can leap forward." totally the way it is round here with my kids. If I think about it, I probably do a bit of that myself. Your daughter is adorably cute.

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