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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A change is comin'

"So bye bye Laura
No one could take your place"
-Flogging Molly

The times they are a'changing. Little Bird's "advocate" (shadow) at school is being called to do some other work. Well, she'll still be in the building, but she's gotta move on. Sniffle sniffle. It's okay. Sniffle sniffle. It's always good to change things up every so often and have our kids work with new, different people. It's how our kids grow and learn to relate to other, new people. Actually, it's a whole lot harder on the adults than it is the kids! Sniffle sniffle. (Stay tuned for the story on the new girl)

This was the first time LB had ever been in an inclusion program with a shadow: I was nervous, uncertain I'd made the right choice. But almost immediately after meeting Laura, I knew my little bird was in good hands. In all fairness, bravo to Laura for putting up with a parent like me for this long. I'm not easy and I know it. I also know that both Little Bird and Laura have grown and learned from each other over the past 9 months. They're both a little a lot better off for being in one another's life. When the bird has a good day or makes some progress, Laura beams with pride, having fallen in love with my girl just like the rest of us. When LB has a rough day (or six weeks), Laura feels just as hurt and/or confused as the rest of us. She's a part of the team. Just because LB will have a new shadow doesn't mean that Laura won't still be a part of the team. Right, Laura? You are reading this, right? Let's make a deal: you promise to keep on loving, checking in on the bird, and being part of the process. Do it!! 

What an absolutely amazing difference you've made in our lives, Laura. Even if Little Bird doesn't recognize it yet (and she probably does!), she will. Oh, and me? I'll never forget it.

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Piscesgirl said...

First off, Kudos with the flogging molly! Great band! Second, I hope that the newbie will work out just as great. She seems like she has some big shoes to fill! :)

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