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Monday, May 10, 2010


I really should add laboratory technician to my job description. I've been trying for about a week to catch Little Bird's pee in a cup so I can fill up these little test tubes, freeze them, and send them on their way to a lab for an Organic Acid Test (OAT). Every time she saw me with the cup, she'd suddenly not have to go anymore. She was literally avoiding me so she wouldn't have to pee in that cup. This afternoon I stopped by the ped's office for a "hat" (the thing you put in the toilet to catch pee) and I got it! Woohoo! Filled up the little tubes and they're in the freezer now. In the morning I'll send them off to the lab. I'm looking for a baseline measure of where she is right now before I start the next round of flagyl which will begin tonight. I've been waiting to get the pee before I start the meds and I'm so excited to start them because we have seen progress the two other times we've treated her with flagyl

The update on the gluten is this: I can't deny that she's been WAY more constipated since adding the gluten back into her diet. The constipation is a huge hinderance to connectedness and overall progress. So, sorry gluten. You're out. Can't say I didn't try. 

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tulpen said...

Yay for scoring the pee pee! My little one had to be catheterized twice for a UTI.... two months later she still reminds me about the time the doctor "poked my bum".

(it's Cristin from Tiptoeing by the way... i've moved to new digs.)

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