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Sunday, May 9, 2010


amazing - inspiring awe or admiration or wonder

One more thing on Mothers Day:
Just had to say that I've gotten a few messages (text, FB, emails, tweets, etc) today from friends. Friends who are moms. Friends who are not. They all wished me a happy mothers day, expressed appreciation for the struggle I endure as the mom of a kiddo with special needs, and even said I'd inspired them. Four of them even used the term "amazing" to describe my motherhood. Wow. Amazing? Well, yes, some days I do feel kinda amazed and amazing. Mothers Day is a tough day for me. Thank you to those special ladies (and one special guy) who sent me special messages (DGL, JLR, JZB, JS, LDZ, LE, LLLB). I am grateful. If I left anyone out, I'm still grateful, just forgetful.

I read a post that Nia Vardalos wrote about Mother's Day on Anderson Cooper's blog. (side note: I really really really like him but I just don't think he'd be into me)
It reminds me that not everyone has the same experience and sometimes we must tread lightly with our words. Not everyone has a happy marriage, so when you publicly gush about how fabulous yours is, it could be causing pain for someone else. By the way, I think it's weird when you go on and on about how much fun you're having on your date with your husband, whom you love soooooo much. Get off your freaking facebook and enjoy your time with your wonderful husband. I'm immediately suspicious of people who gush like that. (just sayin')

I'm going to sign off now because my wonderful husband just got home and I'm ready to gush (to him) about how fabulous he is...


Kerry Neville Bakken said...

Great post and great reminders. I sometimes forget how painful Mother's Day must be for my friends who were unable to have kids for various reasons even though they wanted them.

Stopping by from SITS

Lady Ren said...

gush gush-
so awesome so great-
gush gush.
Did I tell you you are awesome?
You are.
Have you seen Snow Cake-
I posted about it today-

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