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Thursday, April 29, 2010

update: Reintroducing Gluten

I've gotten a few emails from friends regarding Little Bird's diet. So, here's a little update to the Reintroducing Gluten post:

It's been about 2 weeks of adding gluten back into Little Bird's diet. She's still eating more than before. But what's interesting is that when she shouts for chicken nuggets, I make the ones in the freezer (they're gluten free) and she eats 'em up! She did that before, but I think her overall appetite is better these past two weeks.  She's absolutely loving eating real bread again- especially challah. Oh, and those Ritz crackers she is always asking for? She takes those suckers down! I feel really good about her eating. I really want her to eat eat eat and gain strength so that she can move a little bit better and even have an easier time getting her sensory needs met. Here's the tradeoff: constipation (yes, I'm gonna talk about poop again). For those of us in the Autism world, a day doesn't go by when we don't talk about poop at least 10 times. It's really impossible for us to deny the gut connection to ASD.

I gave her Miralax a couple times and that does the job, but I don't want to make a habit of it. So, I've also started adding Benefiber to her foods or to her juice. There may be no real difference on the system, but I just feel better about the benefiber than I do the miralax.

When we made a visit to our DAN doc earlier this week, I was kinda nervous about telling him we've given her gluten again, but he was totally on board. Of course, he'd rather I give her magnesium than the benefiber, but the magnesium tastes pretty gross and I just can't get her to drink it. So, tasteless Benefiber wins!

We're still going through a rough patch with the bird, and we're waiting for her to emerge like the beautiful butterfly she is (too much?).


Acting Balanced Mom said...

I am so looking forward to a time when we can try reintroducing gluten to Liam's diet... he's doing well on the GF diet, but there is just so much he can't have... and he loved things like goldfish and real bread...
How long was little bird on GF? What are you looking for in the reintroduction other than the stool issues?

Heather said...

I wanted to comment on you making some decisions just regarding what you can get Little Bird to eat- that is half the problem with Brian and supplements- no matter how I disguise them he always knows they are in his food/drink and it's frustrating- it's so not worth it most of the time.

Dani G said...

Little Bird was GF for 18 months. In the last year, she's gained hardly any weight. She's 44 inches and 32 pounds. She needs some meat on those bones! We saw a very definite change when we removed all casein from her diet: she poops! But, we really didn't see any behavioral changes after removing the gluten. So, this is all an experiment.
My goal is to get her eating more - gaining weight - gaining strength - being able to motor plan better - get some sensory needs met. I have yet to see any negative effects from the gluten, aside from the constipation. Every kid is different. For some kids, it can produce an opiate-like effect on the brain; for others, it can make them more stimmy or hyper; and for others, maybe it's just constipation?

By the way, every week at the grocery store she sees those goldfish and asks for them, but they've got dairy, so ever week I say no :(

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