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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Two feet!

"You go backwards but then
You go forwards again"

I am waist deep in regression. It's been 28 days. Yes, I'm counting. That's what happens. I count the days. I cannot wait until Little Bird comes out of this regression.

She's gonna come out of this one, right? Right?

This has happened before. The first time was 2 1/2 years ago. It's been happening ever since. Basically, she goes backwards in her progress and/or development, but she seems to come out of it eventually. It sucks. It's so tough to see the looks on the therapists' faces. I've noticed that when Little Bird goes through some developmental spurt, a regression precedes it. Kinda like two steps back, one leap forward. I'm ready to leap forward, already.

Because she has such low muscle tone, it's very difficult for her to move her body and ALL of her gross and fine motor skills are delayed or nonexistent at this point. Out of nowhere, a few days ago, she jumped off of a small step with two feet. I know this sounds small, but it's been on her IEP for 2 freaking years now. Personally, I don't care whether or not she can hit goals like this one, but it's always nice to see progress.

Often times when a kid is working on accomplishing a skill, she will regress a little bit and then come back once things settle down in her brain and body. That's fine, and I'll keep waiting for something big, because jumping off a step with two feet better not be my only reward for having endured 28 long days of regression!!!


Cristin said...

I do remember those days. We'd celebrate a milestone and never see it again for months...

Jumping on two feet is HUGE. HUGE!! Graham can still barely do it.

Maureen said...

YAY for your Little Bird! Every milestone is surely priceless. :)

Happy SITS Tuesday.

Writing Without Periods! said...

Ah, they grow up so fast when you look back on it. Thanks for helping me remember when my daughter was little.

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