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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Reintroducin' gluten

At the urging of a GI doc we recently saw (and waited four months to get in to), we're gonna try to reintroduce gluten into Little Bird's diet. It's been a year and a half without it. I never saw any real substantial changes after we removed gluten. However, there is no doubt in my mind that she can't tolerate dairy. No-freaking-matter-what. Since every kid is so completely different, what works for one kid won't necessarily work for another. So, you try it all. And believe me, we mother warriors try it ALL.

The deal is she is a tall, skinny bird. 44 inches and 32 pounds. Well, 32 pounds with clothes on. She hasn't gained weight in the last year (pretty much since being on the diet), but she HAS grown taller, so I'm not worried about malnourishment or anything. However, this particular doc was pretty concerned about her lack of "reserves". You know, because if g-d forbid, she got sick, she'd have no fat reserved. So, we're gonna try to fatten her up. It's been suggested to me that she doesn't eat much because doesn't like the taste of the GFCF foods (shout out to my mom and mother in law!). So, we're reintroducing gluten, seeing if there's a reaction (we're already neck deep in regression, so why not, right? FML), and hoping she'll be more likely to eat, eat, eat.

It's been about 7 days. Here are the changes I've seen:
-she tells me "i'm hungry" a lot more.
-she eats a lot more.
-she's needed a laxative twice (miralax).
-she hasn't pooped in 3 days**

I'm gonna give her a little more time before I worry too much about the laxative use. It's possible her gut needs a little time to adapt. I will never, ever deny the very close connection between the gut and the mind because I have SEEN it. She eats dairy---> she doesn't poop for days----> eye contact, interaction, engagement ends -----> spinning, stimming, and head banging ensues -----> she finally poops ------> she's back! It's really an amazing connection, and different for every kid.

**In the time I took to sat down and tell you all about her poop, she dropped a load.


Salt said...

Hehe I'm glad she finally went. :)
And I hope that things start going a little more smoothly! Pun totally intended.

Heather said...

It is so funny how all kids are different- when we first started the GF diet here we were all on it and within three months Corbin was actually on the growth chart- which he had never been before- very skinny kid....I don't make him stick to the diet anymore but I was always surprised at that outcome since I wasn't expecting any real differences for anyone other than Brian

Cristin said...

Yay for a good poop!

I wish poop weren't so important. When I'm ruler of The Universe, I'm banning poop.

Ben said...

Nothing like taking a good poop. And that's the truth!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the shout!! I think it is great she is saying she is hungry and finally asking for food.That is so "normal" and good for a not so "normal" kid. A good jewish mother like you should be happy to feed her. Toast w/jelly, cookies, cupcakes with a "B" on them,real pizza and pasta... yummy! I will be so delighted just to watch our Little Bird eat. Love her so much! Love my own Birdie too! Mom

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