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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Temple Grandin: Autism is a gift, not a disability

My very wonderful friend of almost 20 years, Dina, sent me this link earlier today. It's a great video of Temple Grandin giving an interview on why she believes Autism is a gift, not a disability. If you have a few minutes, you've gotta see this. First you need to sit through a 15 second commercial. You can do it. 

Read the accompanying article HERE.

Want more info on Temple Grandin? CLICK HERE for a little wiki-knowledge!


Deann said...

Hey there!

Love the video. I've never seen Temple before do an interview. She's so adorable!

Thanks for sharing : )

Dani G said...

agreed! I love how she's all, "I gotta go to the airport!"

Really so interesting!

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